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Wren, A., Fodor, M., and Theodropoulou, S. 2013. "The trilemma revisited: Implications for inequality and employment creation of the ICT revolution and the expansion of service trade." In A. Wren ed., The political economy of the service transition (pp. 108-146). Oxford University press. (Link)

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Fodor, M. 2016. "Education, task allocation and ICT capital." ISE working paper no. 2. (SSRN)
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"Education, task allocation and the college premium." (with Patrick Legros).

Topics on the historical development of Kazakhstan – joint with Gani Aldashev and Alisher Aldashev.

Immigration and informal labor – joint with Alisher Aldashev and Jan Fidrmuc.

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A former beneficiary of the Belgian scientific research fund's 100 000 EUR Aspirant grant and a 15 000 EUR grant.

PAI grant 15,000 euro from Pôles d'Attraction Interuniversitaires.

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